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Bird Friendly

Did you know that most coffee farms remove critical habitats for birds and other wildlife?

Created by Smithsonian scientists, the Bird Friendly gold standard does more than other eco-friendly seals to protect habitat, which is often destroyed to make way for coffee growing. Bird Friendly coffees come from farms using a combination of foliage cover, tree height and biodiversity to provide quality habitat for birds and other wildlife. 

Instead of clearing rainforest, Bird Friendly coffees grow underneath
shade trees that provide habitat for birds, including migratory species, whose impressive journeys can take them from the backyards of the US and Canada all the way to coffee farms in Latin America. Shade trees sequester carbon and protect farmers’ crops from increased temperatures and rainfall, fighting the effects of climate change.

Coffee experts say shade-grown coffees taste better because the beans mature for longer under shade, creating a more complex, deeper flavor.

We are proud to be Vermont's first certified Bird Friendly coffee roaster. Check out our feature in Seven Days to learn more!

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